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Our Philosophy

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  1. To teach young children to appreciate and love the learning process.

  2. To provide an environment where children learn the basic properties of materials through discovery.

  3. To help children develop a positive self-image.

  4. To teach children to cooperate as they learn.

  5. To teach children to love Christ and each other. 

  6. To help children learn to be compassionate, caring members of society.

(How our goals are achieved)

  1. To help children to be successful learners by presenting activities that are age-appropriate, that can be easily mastered, and that are tailored to each child's needs.

  2. To provide children with a variety of materials and experiences in which to explore their environment, such as using the sensory table in a variety of ways, using many different materials in creative art projects, science materials, etc.

  3. To teach social skills such as sharing, cooperating, listening, and negotiating through free play, cooperative games, and circle time.

  4. To provide Bible stories and activities that give the children instruction in Christian teachings, and offer opportunities for children to participate in community activities such as food drives and local charities. 


The methodology used is based on Progressivism, which states that young children learn best by being actively involved in all activities rather than by being passive listeners. Children should be using all their senses, and indeed their whole bodies, as they acquire new information. Young children learn most of their social skills through play and need at least 3/4 hour each day for uninterrupted, free play. Children should work at their own developmental levels and should never be made to feel inadequate if they are not achieving at the same rate as their peers.

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